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Aakash doesn’t Shine in India’s Schools

Aakash doesn’t Shine in India’s Schools

October was when the worlds cheapest tablet, “Aakash,” was released the Human Resource Development Minister Kapil Sibal called it India’s gift and that it will “secure the future for our children.” Funny enough, prominent India schools are choosing the more expensive iPad2 over the more economical Aakash.

Mumbai’s Poder International School asked their students to purchase an iPad2 before the next academic session starts in April. Principal Vandana told India Real Time that even though the local device is cheaper the school chose the more popular Apple iPad. “Apple’s technology and apps are undoubtedly superior,” Vandana explained why she chose the cheaper Andriod-based Aakash tablet versus the Apples iPad2, “quality and efficiency over cost,” she said.

Another reason Poder International School chose the iPad is for the “interactive and educative apps,” while the Aakash has “yet to prove its worth,” Ms. Lulla added. It was agreed that if the students can afford the superior Apple device then they should purchase the iPad over the homegrown Aakash.

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