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‘Broga’ – Yoga for men

‘Broga’ – Yoga for men

For all you bros our there, Yoga isn’t just for women.  Yoga is a meditative practice that will help relax the muscles and decrease your stress level. This misconception that yoga is just for women has got-to-go.

However, sensitive to the fact that men are weary of  yoga, we bring you the birth of ‘broga’ – Understanding that being the only man in the room full of  limber ladies in tight pants might sound ideal, until the lady next to you is twisted in some crazy pose and you can barely touch your toes. Really, it defeats the purpose of yoga, which is to meditate, reduce stress, and relax.

Broga is a yoga class just for men. Men yoga classes are popping up in a number of studios. If there isn’t a broga class near you already, then it is coming soon.

Source: USA Today

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