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Cayman Islands AKA Paradise

One of the most breathtaking places with the most spectacular beaches on earth is the British Overseas Territory that embraces 3 of the Cayman Islands; Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman. Located in the western Caribbean Sea, the Grand Cayman is the largest of the three islands with many beach resorts, restaurants, shops, and fantastic scuba diving and snorkeling sites. Cayman Brac is known for deep-sea fishing expeditions, and Little Cayman, the smallest of the islands, is where endangered wildlife such as iguanas and seabirds live.

The Cayman Islands have the best diving there is, with warm tropical weather, white sandy beaches and sparkling clear blue waters that allow snorkelers to see the vibrant fish and colorful coral. Other various fun activities include diving, fishing, hiking, golfing, sailing, and a lot more. The prominent Seven Mile Beach has the best resorts sprinkled around with numerous freshly caught seafood restaurants everywhere, as well as nightclubs and dancing for anyone that enjoys the nightlife.

Another popular tourist attraction is the Cayman Turtle Farm. This farm is where Christopher Columbus visited and found so many turtles that he named it Las Tortugas. Unfortunately, after so many years, the green sea turtle has become an endangered species. So the Cayman Turtle Farm provides edible turtle meat to the islands so that the residents don’t hunt the sea turtles themselves. The farm has over 7,000 green sea turtles as well as sharks, fish, and birds. But the best encounter tourists get is the experience of holding the adorable baby sea turtles. Other places to visit in the Cayman Islands include;

– String Ray City
– Rum Point
– Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park
– Devil’s Grotto
– Underwater Adventure
Starfish Point

The Cayman Islands have long been known to be the destination for some of the biggest celebrities and VIPs. The celebrities flock in to enjoy some time alone without the prying eyes of the press, so most of them stay in private villas and small exclusive resorts with high security and discreet staff that respect their privacy. Some stars like John Travolta, Dwayne Johnson, the Dart’s, Cameron Diaz, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, have been seen training at the Power House Gym. Taylor Swift was also visiting the islands and was at the Tukka Restaurant with her family. Orlando Bloom was in the islands shooting a film, and John Legend and Alicia Keys performed at the 2012 Jazz Festival. Through the years, many celebrities have dived and snorkeled in the island’s clear waters, including actors Tom Cruise, Michael Keaton, Jessica Alba, Gene Hackman; director James Cameron; professional athletes Tiger Woods and Joe Montana, as well as supermodel Cindy Crawford.

The Cayman Islands is a spectacular haven for anyone who wants to get away and have a fascinating, memorable time in paradise.

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