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Cayman Islands Continues to Support Tourism Employment

Cayman Islands Continues to Support Tourism Employment

The Cayman Islands plan to continue supporting the growth of tourism employment in this new year. Back in 2013, a collaboration between the National Workforce Development Agency and the territory’s tourism sector developed and launched a two-month Tourism Employment Drive.

This partnership brought together major business owners and tourism professionals throughout the Cayman Islands in order to match “unemployed Caymanians interested in the tourism industry with potential employers,” according to a release.

According to Education, Employment and Gender Affairs Minister, Tara Rivers, this partnership  has the power to create change and ensure that local residents have opportunities to actively participate in the rising tourism labor market. Ms. Rivers explained further that “In addition to providing employment opportunities the focus of the partnership is on human capital training and development which is critical for successful employment and career advancement in the industry.”

Last year’s TED campaign included a five-district road show on Grand Cayman in which 120 people met with tourism professionals and received training packages. Over ten percent of last year’s participants are now working in the tourism industry.

Major influencers in the tourism industry sacrificed countless hours to further the TED program, by travelling to each district to meet with people. CITA president Ken Hydes is pleased with the progress the program has made and optimistic about the industry’s future, “As with any new program, this one had a few challenges; we are refining the processes and are encouraged by our results so far. With strong support from government and a commitment to an annual drive and ongoing follow ups, the tourism industry has a systematic plan to draw more Caymanians into our business.”


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