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Celebrities and Developers of New York City

New York City has the hustle and bustle of everyday life… and every night life as well. It makes sense then that the real estate business is booming, with celebrities wanting to get their hands on a home in the prime real estate of New York City. So, which celebrities are looking and which companies are playing the hardest?

Seth Rogan and his wife were looking at an apartment in East Village. The apartment had floor-to-ceiling windows and eighteen hundred square feet. The current price range for the home is three point three million. On the Upper West Side, Amy Schumer just bought a twelve point fifteen million dollar, five-bedroom duplex. The neat thing about the duplex is it includes a wrap-around terrace and a chef’s kitchen! Last but not least, half of America’s favorite “you got it dude” sister, Ashley Olsen, recently bought a condo in Greenwich Village. Her home almost doubles the size of the home looked at by Joe Sitt; giving Ashley a sprawling three thousand square feet. One of the best features is that it only houses six units.

While the celebrities are all the buzz, there are people working hard to keep the real estate business booming. Companies like Town Real Estate, a company that brought themselves up the ranks in just a few short years. Now they specialize in everything from residential sales to leasing commercialized property. One of their current properties for sale is a duplex in Chelsea offering a garden and “lots of charm” such as beautiful bricks and a breath-taking skyline view from the deck outside. Douglas Elliman considers themselves to be “redefining best in class”. They currently have ten million dollars’ worth of listings and manage over fifty five thousand apartments throughout the New York City boroughs. They currently have a coop that has stunning views of Morningside Park and a private garden for the residents.

No matter if it is the celebrities looking for a house or someone not as well known, these companies are sure to make all feel welcomed as they purchase, or rent, a home in the fabulous city that never sleeps.

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