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Denny’s Restaurant And DumbDumb Coming Out With New Web Series

Denny’s Restaurant And DumbDumb Coming Out With New Web Series

Denny’s restaurant and the production firm DumbDumb have come out with a new web series. Founders and main actors Jason Bateman and Will Arnett, who were cast mates in the show Arrested Development are starring in the original Web series. The series is going to be based on the Always Open concept to be in line with the restaurant’s slogan, “America’s diner is always open,” developed by Gotham in New York. During the debut season Arnett and Bateman, as well as Amy Poehler, Sarah Silverman, Will Forte, and Kristin Bell will give 3-minute interviews. The whole series is going to play in an operating Denny’s restaurant to give spectators the real feel of the restaurant’s atmosphere.

The production of the series was a combined effort of DumbDumb and Interpublic Group’s Mediabrands, which assisted in the development and the distribution strategy of the show. Throughout the progress of the creation of the series, Electus, the next generation studio lead by CEO Ben Silverman under its parent company IAC, backed the production study DumbDumb. The new Denny’s series is going to launch on IAC’s College Humor site, always open before it is going to become available on Facebook, YouTube, as well as

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