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Energy Consultants Save District Millions

Energy Consultants Save District Millions

A deal between energy consultants Cenergistic and the Lubbock Independent School District is expected to save the Texas district up to $14.5 million on energy costs over the course the next ten years. The approved contract, which spans for five years, splits the energy savings evenly between Cenergistic and the district, meaning that LISD will save money without spending any upfront.

“What I appreciate about Cenergistic is their approach is very analytical with our data and their approach is more behavior based,” LISD Chief Administrative Office Behrl Robertson said.

Each year, LISD spends around $4.5 million on energy costs across 50 school campuses that total some 5 million square feet.

One aspect of the contract found favorable by faculty is what Superintendent Karen Garza described as “managing our systems.”

“This effort will not create conditions where people are uncomfortable,” she said. “This is not to affect, at all, teachers and their level of comfort in our classrooms.”

As an example, Robertson said that if teachers have a space heater in their classroom, they won’t be required to remove them. Rather, the plan for reducing energy usage takes convenience and comfort into consideration and identifies realistic and practical areas for energy conservation.

Robertson said that Cenergistic (formerly Energy Education Inc.) used data provided by the school district to develop a plan, which estimates a savings of $500,000 on energy costs each year during the first five years, with the potential to save over $1 million per year for the five years following.


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