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Energy Education Inc saves school over $136,000

Energy Education Inc saves school over $136,000

Last February a school in Milford, Connecticut negotiated a contract with Energy Education Inc and in a matter of four months they saved $136,118 on electricity and gas alone. Energy Education worked with the school board and the district board to manage the schools energy and the way they use it. They worked specifically with James Whitaker, a maintenance worker at the school, who monitored the use of electricity in the building and educated the staff on the importance of turning off the lights and computers when they were not being used. .

On electricity alone the school spent $282,000 meanwhile last year they spent $410,000 in the same time period. Considering the school added 21,568 square feet of space before the energy overhaul the savings are fairly staggering. Energy Education points out that if more schools and businesses sign on to contracts with them the more knowledge about how to save energy and money will spread.

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