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Halftime with Madonna

Halftime with Madonna

According to Ad Age, Madonna’s halftime show generated more than 862,000 social-media comments.  Twitter comments were all across the board ranging from positive feedback about her performance to negative feedback about looking old and haggard.  If the halftime show was a show all by itself, it would make the top 5 talked about shows in social media.  Madonna’s performance was by far the best Super Bowl halftime show we’ve seen in awhile.  Despite comments saying that she looked old and haggard, she looked amazing for a 53-year-perforning – She looked amazing for anyone.  Saying that Madonna is timeless would be an understatement.

The Super Bowl is known for featuring legacy artists, such as, Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty, but to know that Madonna would be the headliner for the Super Bowl 26-years into her career, would have been impossible to predict.    Her legacy started with groundbreaking performances that featured incredible dance moves that were entertaining and sexy.   Throughout her career, she’s made risky moves, such as, releasing an erotic photography book and kissing Britney Spears.

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