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Charity, Fashion and Sport Event

Charity, Fashion and Sport Event

What do you get when you combined the Miami Heat winning the 2012 NBA championship, Ludus Athletic’s new fashion line, and the Iri Foundation? A room filled with good-looking fashionable people, celebrating with Miami Heat DJ Irie, and for a good cause. The event took place on Star Island. Ludus’ Founder and CEO Hamed Wardak said, “It’s been such a great time of celebration in Miami, but this three day weekend solely dedicated to DJ Irie’s charity is the best gift of all.”

The event hosted top celebrities and sports stars, NFL’s Reggie Bush and Jonathan Vilma as well as Chris Kirkpatrick. DJ Irie said, “This is the 8th year I’m doing this event, and having this kick off party couldn’t be a better way to start what will be a great and memorable weekend which we hope will raise significant funds for the Irie Foundation.”

The combination of fashion and sports brought spirit and happiness to the event. The weekend inspired event guests to donate and participate in the Irie Foundation’s charity givings. The Irie Foundations is an foundation that seeks to improve the lives of South Florida’s Youth. The foundation has an emphasis on the arts; however, its ultimate goal is to increase graduation rates and encourage youth to stay educationally motivated throughout high school. Often the youth can be motivated by the arts.

The Irie Foundation even offers scholarships to a lucky few students helping them further reach high-education statuses. This is the second year that Ludus Athletics and the Irie Foundation have joined hosted an event. Together the team pulls off “fun, fashion, and fundraising.”

Ludus Athletic’s was born in Miami and its style speaks to the Miami culture. Ludus seeks to inspire women all of the world to reach their maximum capabilities and to have a positive effect on society.

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