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Henry Street Settlement Benefits From the Art Show

Henry Street Settlement Benefits From the Art Show

Seventy of the country’s most well-known and knowledgeable art dealers came together at The 23rd Annual Art Show. In addition to presenting art, which ranged from modern times back to the 19th century, The Art Show raised funds for Henry Street Settlement, one of the best-known art and social services agencies in New York. It is focused on building and improving people’s lives within the neighborhood by offering help and various services in multiple areas. Seren Shvo and Polina Berlin joined Michael Shvo, global luxury real estate marketer, to contribute to making a difference at the ADAA Art Show Gala Preview. The Art Show is organized by the Art Dealers Association of America (ADAA) and will run from March 2nd until March 6th. Daily admission of $20 per ticket from the Gala Preview and The Art Show will directly benefit Henry Street Settlement.

Among other experts in the field, Michael Shvo had the opportunity to witness and celebrate New York’s status in the center of the cultural world. According to Adam Sheffer, Chairman of The Art Show Committee, “While New York is an arts capital all year round, by bringing together the very best work from American galleries across the country, The Art Show’s presence in the city further illustrates the central role of US galleries and ADAA member dealers.”

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