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How to Reduce Stress Before Work

How to Reduce Stress Before Work

Whether you are climbing the corporate ladder, an emerging entrepreneur, or a high level executive, stress can get in the way of your productivity, and even worse, stress can damage the relationships with the ones you love.

There are a number of stress remedies, such as, working out, dieting, laughing, etc… All of those things sound good in theory, but here’s a great stress-release that only requires a few moment of quite.

It’s important to try as many remedies as you can. If one remedy doesn’t work, maybe another will. It’s also important to try a remedy over a good amount of time. It might not work the first you time you try it, but maybe it will after the 7th.

Experts say that yoga is favored remedy for reducing stress. Not only is yoga a great workout, but it also has incredible healing powers. Yoga can help with depression and anxiety. A simple pose has the ability to literally melt away stress.

Celebrity yoga instructors, Mandy Ingber and Tara Stiles, show best stress reducing poses:

Child’s Pose (bottom right), “It is humble. It is restorative; it calms the nervous system and stretches the back . . . Anything forward-bend is pretty calming,” said Ingber.

Pigeon Pose, helps calm the body and mind by releasing built-up tension. By going deeper into the stress will help to further open the chest and spine – moving into Pigeon Crescent (upper right).

Eagle (far left), is a stress-relieving poses because it requires so much focus, you forget all about life’s daily stressors. Eagle also helps release tension in the shoulders and back.

Source: Fit Sugar

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