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Korn/Ferry Survey and US Job Market

Korn/Ferry Survey and US Job Market

A survey conducted by Korn/Ferry indicated 66 percent of Senior Executives say a U.S. jobs bill won’t do enough to jump start Europe’s economy. Korn/Ferry International is a premier global provider or talent management solutions and located worldwide. In 1993. Nels Olson joined Korn/Ferry International, and is now a core member of Korn/Ferry’s CEO & Board Services Practice. Korn/Ferry regularly conducts surveys to gain insights on the current workplace.

According to Gary Burnison, CEO of Korn/Ferry, “These results pinpoint the confusion in the marketplace. On one hand, executives do not think a jobs bill can counteract the impact of the faltering European economy. Yet, on the other hand, executives believe that state and local hiring is going in the wrong direction.”

“The confusion is understandable though. While a jobs bill can stimulate public sector jobs, executives do not think it can do enough to truly impact the economy. Plus, the fact that executives believe there is a strong need to increase construction jobs indicates that they think we need to invest in infrastructure—yet it is still not enough to solve the present economic woes,” Burnison concluded.

Burnison has spearheaded the transformation of the Korn/Ferry’s diversified human capital organization. Burnison joined Korn/Ferry as the Chief Financial Officer in 2002. Prior to Korn/Ferrry, Burnison was the Chief Financial Officer at Guidance Solutions. Financially leading new technology solutions.

Korn/Ferry International is an organization that not only employs more than 2,500 people in 40 countries, but also achieve extraordinary outcomes through talent.


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