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New Development to come to Nassau, Bahamas

New Development to come to Nassau, Bahamas

The capitol of the Bahamas, and one of the biggest tourist destination and is a target for successful developer and Cayman Businessman, Kenneth Dart.   After taking a trip to the Bahama’s capitol, Dart expressed interest in Nassau’s prime real estate, the Bay and Parliament Street, which he visions, to completely revamp.

Dart, the developer of 500-acre Camana Bay project, was a part of the agreement to purchase the real estate located opposite Nassau’s House of Assembly on Parliament Street. After creating Camana Bay from scratch, it’s safe to say that Dart has the skills, experience, and the deep pockets necessary to turn this vision for downtown Nassau into a reality.

Representatives expressed that their interest is mostly in the waterfront properties and is planned to be freed up for commercial/residential development. The shipping company that currently resides in the location plans to relocate to Arawak Cay. The property is rumored to include a shopping arcade opposite of Parliament and Bay Street.

The team is already familiar with the Bahamas due to experience with their property on the Grand Bahama island. They are family with Bahamian culture, the government approval process, and the business environment.



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