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Now what? Tips for recent grads

Now what? Tips for recent grads

You’ve graduated, but now what? Time to face the reality –  You’re  a grad entering a difficult market, so it’s important that you learn how to leverage your skills and land your first job out-of-school.

Resume! Resume! Resume! – Make sure you have multiple people review your resume, everyone will have something to say. You don’t need to take the advice everyone gives you; pick the advice that works the best for you.

Tell your story and don’t put so much pressure on yourself.  Sure, read articles on how to write a cover letter, or a resume for dummies book, but don’t just follow the elementary guidelines. You must learn how to convey confidence and personality. Get creative. Use your best writing, but in your own voice.

Clean up Facebook. Facebook isn’t a social site anymore. It’s a tool for companies to figure out who you are in real life. Your Facebook page should reflect the personality in the story you tell in your cover letter. If it doesn’t tell your story (the way you want it to), and your don’t want to change it, then get rid of it. You only have to get rid of it until  you find a job anyway, right.

Learn how to use Linked In. Linked In is actually a great source for finding jobs. Don’t worry about your profile, just make sure it matches the most generic version of your resume. (A lot of people have multiple version of their resume. If each version of your resume is really different, maybe leave job descriptions blank or list everything).

SPELL CHECK. Spelling is so easy to mess up. Usually we make spelling mistakes when we’re nervous, or when we try to rewrite something over and over again.  This is a HUGE red flag for companies. Have multiple people spell check your cover letter and resume.

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