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PRI to Open a Polystyrene Recycling Center in 2015

PRI to Open a Polystyrene Recycling Center in 2015

There is no doubt that plastic is one of the most popular materials used throughout the world today. One cannot make a purchase, sit at a desk, drive a car or do anything else without something made of plastic being present. One of these plastic products is polystyrene foam, which is an excellent thermal insulator.

Polystyrene foam is used in the manufacturing of bowls, cups, disposable trays and other items. It can be rigid (closed-cell polystyrene), or soft. Proper recycling can turn foam into recycled plastic pellets and other products such as toys, picture frames, clothes hangers and so forth. To help maintain a sustainable environment, it is important to recycle this material once its intended job has been fulfilled.

Due to the lack of knowledge when it comes to the recyclability of polystyrene foam, many people across the United States simply dispose of their used foam in the trash. Fortunately Plastic Recycling Inc. (PRI) has stepped in and opened a recycling facility located in Indianapolis, IN that is expected to be fully operational by 2015. This company is drawing the attention of cities throughout the United States and is further spreading awareness of the fact that polystyrene foam can be recycled.

PRI has made tremendous progress in recycling foam materials and putting them to further use. PRI’s mission is to transform recycled polystyrene into other materials that are in demand by consumers. Currently, PRI is recycling approximately 60 million pounds of polystyrene, each year.

Built with environmental concerns in mind, PRI’s new facility is dedicated to creating a green environment that focuses on recycling polystyrene and developing practical and ‘user friendly’ products out of the used material.

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