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Social Media Week in 12 Cities Around the World

Social Media Week in 12 Cities Around the World

Social Media Week is kicking off today in 12 cities with over 1,000 events taking place around the world. The week is not limited to the 12 participating cities, the week features a number of online seminars, live event tweets, blog posts, and livestreaming event news. You can actually join the event virtually on the social media week website.

Twitter, of course will try to generate as much conversation as possible, within specific cities and globally. Real-time data from Social Media Week globally and locally will track all official hashtags on an event and the city. Real-time will also looks at trends, foursquare checkins, and the largest contributors to conversation. The Social Media Week official mobile app is available on 5 platforms and in 6 languages.

Social Media Week is powered globally by Nokia and media partner is The Guardian. 89,450 total registrations counted, over 2,00 speakers with over 400 venues. Social Media is in Hong Kong, Tokyo, NYC, Paris, Miami, Toronto, London, Washington DC, San Fran, SC, Singapore, Hamburg, and Sao Paulo.

Source: Social Media Week

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