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Stories hidden within New York City’s skyline

Stories hidden within New York City’s skyline

New York City’s skyline speaks for itself. Its iconic beauty has impressed newcomers for countless decades, and those who reside in the city have a distinct sense of pride in regards to this opulent architecture. There is a rich history within each one of these buildings. Read below to study up on a few pieces of trivia and learn more about New York City’s formative culture. Impress your friends next time you take a stroll through Manhattan!

1. Empire State Building

In 2011 Cornell University concluded that the Empire State Building was the most photographed building in the world. Even R&B singer Lauren Hill featured this building in her hit music video “Everything is everything”. There is even a simulated ride within the building that is narrated by Kevin Bacon. Still, it had a rocky start. After construction, under 25% of the building’s retail space was rented, earning it the nickname as the “Empty State Building”. This was due to the stock market crash in 1929. In order to keep up appearances special events were created to better market the space. The objective was to make the building seem full, despite low attendance. This technique paid off and the Empire State Building’s fate had a positive turn after World War II provided a new workforce for the space.

2. Chrysler Building

Businessman Walter P. Chrysler and Architect William Van Alen conspired to build the tallest building in New York City in 1929. Its iconic art deco ornamentation atop the building was constructed in secret and pushed the height of the building to 1,046 feet. The building held the title of the world’s tallest building until the construction of the Empire State Building took its place. It’s a lesser known fact that there was a lounge that functioned as a speakeasy in this building. It was named the Cloud Club and it functioned until 1979. More recently, the building has been used for many films, including “Men in Black 3”, where Will Smith can be found bravely climbing along the structure.

3. Woolworth Building

While many individuals and businesses have competed for the position of the tallest building in the world, the Woolworth Building boasted that it had the tallest chimney and fastest elevators. This space became an attractive set for the movies, drawing big names such as Frank Sinatra in 1942. This was quite impressive at the time. The Woolworth building was one of the earliest skyscrapers, and was constructed between 1910 and 1912. The chimney was eventually demolished in order to build even more elevators in order to accommodate its residents.

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