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The Empire State Realty Trust, What You Need to Know

The Empire State Realty Trust, What You Need to Know

Skyscrapers and New York City go hand in hand and they have since the 1930’s when the Empire State and Chrysler buildings were constructed.

The most reputable and famous of all skyscrapers in New York City would be the Empire State building ESRT, with it’s unique light display at the top, turn of the century art deco interior and its place as the second largest single working office building in the United States. Famous visitors to the site include The Simpsons cast, Celine Dion, Mel Brooks and Vera Wang among others.

The One World Trade Center, also known as the Freedom Tower is the fourth tallest skyscraper worldwide. It’s height rises to exactly 1,776 feet and was planned to symbolize the year of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. It boasts a panoramic Sky View and observatory and uses sustainable materials in its design such as wind and hydro power.

Another classic that’s been in operation since the 1930’s is the Top of the Rock, which sits at the top of the GE building overlooking Rockefeller Plaza. The Rock is famous for the annual Christmas tree festivities. The list of famous celebs for this location include Stevie Nicks, the Saturday Night Live cast, Aretha Franklin and Brian Williams among many others.

Equally iconic and built in the early 1930’s is the notable Chrysler building built in contemporary art deco style and harbors a colorful and exciting history. It once housed a water bottling operation in the basement, automobile showrooms on the bottom two floors until 1963 and the installation of the spire happened in about 90 minutes with additional reports of yesteryear.

Tied in height with the Chrysler building is the New York Times building, which gives an aesthetically pleasing light display. Included in its eco-friendly design is a louver shading system, an air distribution system under the floor and use of recycled steel for its construction. Some famous people featured here include Michael J. Fox, Walt Disney, and Bill Gates along a myriad of other interesting famous folks.

A long and intriguing history abounds in regards to a building constructed in the 1930’s and has earned an iconic role. It started out as the Bank of Manhattan Trust building and today is known as 40 Wall Street or the Trump building. It’s detailed in art deco with a gothic spire and renovated marble and bronze interior lobby.

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