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Top Commercial Real Estate Companies to Contact in the New York City Area

In the first quarter of 2015, Joe Sitt and other New York City residents spent $10.1 billion in real estate. That number is five times larger than the total sales from the prior year. If you were in commercial or residential real estate around that time, chances are that you made a lot of money and became a power player. If you are interested in purchasing a piece of this popular property here are some of the top real estate companies in the New York City area that you need to contact.

Extell Development Company

The Extell Development Company does a lot of business in commercial properties around New York City. They are one of the most active developers today and was founded in 1989.

Chetrit Group

Chetrit Group has been around since 1980 and company sales have been focused towards the outer boroughs area. They have been known to take part in sales of entire offices.

HFZ Capital Group

HFZ Capital Group was started in 2005. They make money by developing areas and investing money both in the United States and other countries. They have restored buildings deemed historical in the past.

Macklowe Properties

Macklowe Properties was originally created to build and buy buildings that are economical, friendly to the environment, and superior to other buildings when it comes to architecture and mechanics.

Celebrity Sightings

There are many celebrities around the area that you might be lucky enough to see on your daily drive. Alec Baldwin might be strolling through the park or Kelly Ripa might be getting a coffee at the local Starbucks. Jimmy Fallon might be at the restaurant you go to tonight right down the street from your house.


President Elect Donald Trump has been involved in commercial real estate around New York City and you might be lucky enough to see him when he returns from the White House.

Real Estate in the New York City area is booming business that many companies are thriving because of. Check out these ones and find the piece of property and home you have been looking for. You can be rubbing shoulders with movie stars on your daily drive while heading to your new home.

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