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Unique Ways to Bring Your Personality to Your Home

Have you ever heard the saying, “The eyes are the window to the soul,”? Well, the same goes for your front door! The entry door on your home can reflect who you are as a person and show your personality in your paint choice, window decorations, or complete customization!

Here are the top ten coolest front doors to give you inspiration for creating your own:

  1. The Window Door – This wide door with mismatched windows reflects a quirky, fun lifestyle.
  2. The Spider Web Revolving Door – The Spider Web Revolving Door reflects a love for modern things.
  3. The Rustic Cabin Door – The Rustic Cabin Door for those old souls who love the classics and good old barn wood.
  4. The Dual Opening Door – This Mayberry Style door with it’s top and bottom opening option is perfect for the country feel.
  5. The Glass House Door – It lets in plenty of light as well as adding a great, modern effect to your home.
  6. The Dramatic Double Door – The Church-y looking double door entrance for the dramatic, yet classic home.
  7. The Quirky Frosted Windows Door – The alternating window design adds character to what is just a plain, wood door, not to mention the great, frosted windows to add a dash of drama.
  8. The Thin Spiral Design Door – An iron door for a more secure home with a great, spiral, floral design over the glass to add character and beauty.
  9. The Iron Security Door – This great, vintage looking, clear window, iron wrought door adds a rustic look and great security to your home.
  10. The Frozen Door – “Please don’t shut me out again, please don’t slam the door…” Everyone loves a good frozen song and this door will remind you of the chilly tale of sisterhood each time you open it.

Customize-able doors are an up and coming trend. Your front door tells a lot about the way you live. Whether you have a friendly doormat or triple locks on it, it’s not hard to see what type of people live in a house by their front door.

All these doors are available to order or customize online. Make your house your own by ordering a new door today.

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